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Skogen- Skogen. Unforgettable H2O – Flatefjäll Anders Dahl – Doorbells Bombax Bombax For obvious reasons improvised music through its many vintages has always been able to spark into life micro-communities of musicians in seemingly far-flung places. Small groups of musicians playing together in Korea, Australia, and Tokyo to name just a few places have developed […] viagra cialis for sale.

No Business NBLP 1 As a companion piece to the twin-engined quintet recording of The Vilnius Explosion, released this fall by Lithuanian upstart No Business Records, The Vilnius Implosion provides a solid chunk of unmitigated Mats on baritone saxophone, alto fluteophone, and vicious slide saxophone shears. Though a self-confessed vinyl nut, far too few of […]

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Clean Feed 112 Swedish alto saxophonist-composer Martin Küchen is most known for Exploding Customer, a pianoless quartet that functions more like a rock band in intent and delivery, less in the choice of material. His latest project, Angles, is an expanded effort in more ways than just personnel. Joining Küchen here are drummer Kjell Nordeson […] cialis herpes.

The following interview was conducted February 10, 2008, by Mr. Maxim Micheliov, a jazz enthusiast and archivist from Lithuania. The piece originally featured in the Russian jazz magazine,, and the text was translated to English for publishing here in the US. The ever-candid Mats will soon enjoy a release on the new Lithuanian label, […]

“Muscle Mary Mats”

There’s quite a treat to greet readers over at the All Hallow’s Eve edition of Paris Transatlantic, namely a guest essay by John Gill, author of Queer Noises. He’s a writer I’ve long wanted to glean more from, but was unaware of where to look for a byline. Turns out he writes regularly for The […]

Two from Moserobie

Ståhls Blå Schlachtplatte Moserobie MMPCD 024 Jonas Kullhammar Quartet with Norrbotten Big Band Snake City North Moserobie MMPCD 031 Publicity for the Bad Plus dubs them “the loudest piano trio ever.” Somehow “the loudest vibraphone/sax quartet ever” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but that does give you some idea of the […]

Alberto Pinton Quintet – The Visible

Moserobie 022 By now, it is quite possible to discuss Ken Vandermark as an influential jazz figure. This comes as something to a surprise to an observer such as myself, for, like many, I was distracted throughout much for the 1990’s by the Wynton Wars. But the din of that decades clashing slogans had faded […]

I’ll Be Dog Damned

In pop music, for its proportional simplicity and an adoring, overspread media that tracks its every new layer as if it were all soap opera, it is relatively easy to keep up with musical developments. I’m sure many of us don’t even want to know that Norah Jones released her second studio date last week […]