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Hamaika 10 It’s been far too long a wait for something new from Xabi Erkizia, a musician I intently followed some four to five years ago, around the time I’d been knocked sideways by his Antifrost disc, Entresol. What I’ve since found is that Erkizia is a busy, busy man, still heavily pursuing his own […] where to purchase antabuse in thailand.

The last several days, busy as they’ve been with work and home-related duties, I’ve enjoyed multiple opportunities for quality, undisturbed listening. While such a luxury comes only in phases, it’s even rarer that I can put a tentative playlist together that will truly play itself out. But playlists can quickly grow stale. I imagine I’m […] viagra bei der frau.

ETUDE 017 Cremaster sure seems ages ago. It could be said that his duo projects with Alfredo Costa Monteiro comprised the formative years for Ferran Fages, yet Cremaster’s music (2001 — 2003, roughly) remains so… tip-of-the-spear. While Fages and Monteiro were utilizing in their music electronic equipment and instrumentation that was on its way to […] buy glucophage metformin no prescription uk.

Baseline is the project of young Spanish sound artist, Pilar Baizán. She’s been a mainstay at European and US festivals for the last few years, primarily with her attention-grabbing video works embellished by a rich soundscape. Witnesses of these productions deem her performances no less than trance-inducing. Having cut her teeth in the synthesis of […]

Three with Alfredo Costa Monteiro

It had been a while since I’d heard anything from Costa Monteiro, one of my favorite “discoveries” of the last several years, so I was pleased to recently come into possession of this trio of releases, though only the last one is “new”. Neumatica Alud Creative Sources CS070 Neumatica is Pablo Rega (homemade electronic devices) […]

Ferran Fages/Ruth Barberan/Alfredo Costa Monteiro – Semisferi

Esquilo ES006 Though over the last several years I’ve greatly enjoyed the work of all three participants here, there’s something at least a little bit daunting about attempting to grasp 100 minutes plus of their music at one “sitting”. The first play or two through “Semisferi”, I had a tough time wrapping my arms around […]

Absurd (and a couple of others) mini round-up

Through the good graces of label-meister Nicolas Malevitsis, I recently found myself in possession of a small slew of releases on Absurd and affiliated (or at least related) sub-labels, dating from within the last couple of years, none of which, as near as I can tell, have been written up on Bags. And most of […]