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Miguel A. García – armiarmak (RMO)

The last several days, busy as they’ve been with work and home-related duties, I’ve enjoyed multiple opportunities for quality, undisturbed listening. While such a luxury comes only in phases, it’s even rarer that I can put a tentative playlist together that will truly play itself out. But playlists can quickly grow stale. I imagine I’m […]

Hugh Davies on Another Timbre

Another Timbre AT-R-01 Another Timbre AT-11 Two new releases on Simon Reynell’s Another Timbre focus on the music of English instrument-maker and improviser Hugh Davies (1943-2005) who, despite a scant recorded legacy, has exercised a notable influence on European free improvisation through both solo work and his presence in ensembles like the Music Improvisation Company […]

Seymour Wright – Seymour Wright of Derby

Self released CDR and free download. Such is the power of the internet these days that, every so often after a CD that perhaps might not have otherwise garnered that much attention is spotted by someone of influence in online circles it quickly becomes a point of much interest. In recent years releases by Mitsuhiro […]

Kevin Parks, Joe Foster – Ipsi sibi somnia fingunt

Self-released The exciting electro-acoustic improvised music scene in South Korea, with its roots as much in noise music as traditional improv influences has stood out as one of the most compelling regional developments in the music for a while now. However despite the recent slew of releases from labels like Manual or Balloon and Needle […]

Tandem Electrics – Intaglio

RAR Over recent years there have been a good few attempts to combine the musical vocabularies of EAI and modern noise music. Whilst at first they may seem to have quite a bit in common; similar uses of electronics, some crossover in audiences, there are also fundamental differences between the two genres that have lead […]

Mersault – Raymond & Marie

Formed 107 Sometimes I feel a little guilty about liking Mersault as much as I do. In the rarefied world of eai, it’s a bit like wrapping one’s mouth around a big, gooey piece of fudge. It’s thick, delicious and maybe not great for you but damn is it good. A large part of its […]