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Jon Mueller: To Willoughby

Jon Mueller: To Willoughby
This recording was made using brushed bass drum and snare drums, 18″ floor tom, and cymbal, performed and recorded live. After using this material in a live performance, people asked me if I used recordings of a train for this. I don’t really ever use field recordings, per se, but only percussion material – either performed or manipulating previous recordings further. This made me think about how these sounds can be associated to completely separate things. That degree of separation, and the idea of trains, led me to think of “A Stop at Willoughby”, the old Twilight Zone episode, where a man, on his nightly commute home on a train, hallucinates that the train stops in a town where everything is perfect, absent of the worries or troubles that he’s experiencing in the real world. The episode ends with him frantically trying to stay in this place, but since it doesn’t really exist, he merely jumps from the moving train. — JM

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