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Jon Mueller: To Willoughby

Jon Mueller: To Willoughby
This recording was made using brushed bass drum and snare drums, 18″ floor tom, and cymbal, performed and recorded live. After using this material in a live performance, people asked me if I used recordings of a train for this. I don’t really ever use field recordings, per se, but only [...]

Graham Halliwell: Modulation

Graham Halliwell: Modulation
‘Modulation’ came about by rescuing some tapes I had made in the mid/late 1980’s. The process comprised of a Revox A77 half track mastering tape machine being fed back on itself onto tape loops containing all kinds of rehearsal material made on standard 2-track reel to reel, all at varying speeds (3.5, [...]

kostis kilymis: dust

kostis kilymis: dust
[compressed laptop feedback, silence, coffee maker]
originally recorded for .accumulated [organized music from thessaloniki #02], but left out for reasons of sequencing. kindly rescued by al jones.
download | 320 bitrate

Jason Kahn: Stimmen

Jason Kahn: Stimmen
“Stimmen” is a piece for bass snare drum, cymbal and radio. I chose as title the German word “stimmen”, (voices, to tune) as it reflected my working process in this piece.
“Stimmen” was recorded using three different microphones — picking up the room, the top surface of the drum and the lower surface near [...]

Cor Fuhler: +-1&2

Cor Fuhler: +-1&2
Cor’s piece was composed in January with a basis in polarity. Vertical movements repel stationary articles in a sonic exploration of the Cartesian plane. Physical opposition is heard first in the grand piano, then in sinewave and interference, and finally in an aggregate of both, where EMI is generated through prepared [...]

Julien Ottavi: How Machine Breath?

Julien Ottavi - How Machine Breath? - 2008 (Electromagnetic Spectrum Research)
It could happen sometimes, that you are wondering why everything around you is strange and unfamiliar, something you can’t quite put your finger on, can’t quite fathom, other than the knowledge of its existence.
We have a distant relationship with our surroundings — we are lost [...]

Killick: Owyllf end Rayvnnf Thay Ore Plvckyng Thee Yce…

Inverted black metal. The piece is sculpted using session resin from Killick’s Exsanguinette project and additional live material. Precision looping is at play with conscious manipulations of fidelity. Owyllf end Rayvnnf Thay Ore Plvckyng Thee Yce Off Eterynytee developed from an attempt at the sonic representation of the “fabric of the universe [...]

Sound gallery: rights

Sounds are straight-to-capture, pulled from a mixture of fundamental components, light, and human (and canine) interaction. The inspiration was a sequence of inherent rights, in parallel: the occasional long weekend + MLK + the two-term cap. Per usual, the sound gallery features raw material, (no) residuals, and creative commons is in play. [...]

Sound gallery: John Clair: Playland Pier

This track is an untouched recording made in Rye, New York, on a May afternoon this year. Two microphones were installed out of sight on the boardwalk outside the Playland amusement park. What appear to be edits or jumps in the piece are actually natural interactions between electrical generators. These generators also served as a [...]

Vanessa Rossetto: fall

“fall” achieves industrial ambiance through strings and whispers, and manages to confound a little. Eleven minutes of evolution is poised for at least another 20. Yet concision is eloquence, and “fall” is mighty effective in that regard. Vanessa’s Whoreson In the Wilderness gets regular play around here, so it’s extra nice to feature [...]

Robert j. Kirkpatrick: Ryōan-ji

In memoriam, John Cage.
Field recording from the Karesansui at Ryōan-ji Temple Kyoto Japan, made on September 24th 2008.
Overlay recorded at residence in Kirkland Washington, USA, on October 4th 2008.
A Note on listening:
The piece was mastered in the open air and I think it sounds the best that way. A somewhat heightened volume allows the [...]

Tom Djll: Lonely Rain

This is the version of “Lonely Rain” without the vocal.
download | LONELY RAIN

Sound gallery : wireless freq surfing

Cruising indoor airwaves, reverse polarity-style. Recording is “live” using two magnetic coils and the PCM-D50, unaltered save for a couple instances of peak-tweaking. If you’ve used a cell phone in a tunnel or near a microwave, you might be able to identify some of the sounds. These were captured this afternoon by [...]

Sound gallery: Tom Djll: Driving While Stochastic

Driving While Stochastic (Tom Djll, 2007)
An investigation and shout-out of technology on the ground. Using my indispensable Zoom H2, with recording mode set at the lowest possible resolution, I captured sounds from a Xenakis orchestral piece (and random radio) as played over my car’s stereo while driving on Interstate 880 through the dismal suburban stretch [...]

Killick - Deere John Letter

Deere John Letter
Thanks to Killick, for this final installment in the listen series. And thanks again to all of the contributors for an intriguing array of music. We’ll look to maybe re-commence in aught 8. For now, wrapped.
download | Deere John Letter

Joe Foster/Choi Joonyong: Hikaru Dorodango

Hikaru Dorodango

How to Make Shiny Dorodango:
1. Pack some mud into your hand, and squeeze out the water while forming a sphere.
2. Add some dry dirt to the outside and continue to gently shape the mud into a sphere.
3. When the mass dries, pack it solid with your hands, and rub the surface until a smooth [...]

Keith Rowe: location (day+night 6)

location (day+night 6)
The listen series thus far has been a matter of improvisation, on many levels. I normally don’t attach too much text to the music, allowing the music the stand on its own without being associated with opinion. That part is left for the comments. However, the unique relationship between these [...]

Henry Kaiser & Damon Smith: Six Of Two

Six Of Two
Henry Kaiser - six string acoustic bass guitar
Damon Smith - Ergo six string electric upright bass, laid flat
Recorded by Henry Kaiser / July 23rd, 2006
We’re especially proud to push you down the neck of Will Shatter’s axe as it is transformed into a blindingly convoluted water slide that empties into a sea of [...]

Ilios: Human Psyche Is An Abyss

Human Psyche Is An Abyss
Ilios’ mystique sometimes precedes his music. It’s difficult to rely on expectations; his available statements of music (on Antifrost and through scattered webcasts) tend to betray one another, yet the tones and sound sources are undeniably Ilios. Listening to his output over the last few years has been like [...]

Nikos Veliotis: Six Bagatelles, Op. 9

When Nikos and I discussed ‘listen’ a couple of months ago, we came to no real conclusion about any conditions of his piece. What he created has left a huge impression on me. Nikos is a musician whose music I’m regularly loopy over, and his work here, a natural extension [...]

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