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Massimo Ricci

Massimo Ricci has written 40 posts for bagatellen mat115 help homework.

Touch Following 2006’s monumental 3-CD set Touch Three, amid the uppermost pinnacles in Phill Niblock’s career, the latest bulletin by the Indiana dronemeister – who forces the aficionados to settle for just a double helping this time – is completely dedicated to string instruments, both electric and acoustic. The release was repeatedly postponed, generating the […] dissertation data analysis.

Table Of The Elements Percussionist and composer Jon Mueller’s discerning creativity does not rule out a willingness to put the listener’s ears through the ordeals. His music is often bewilderingly violent, yet retains a pumping nucleus connecting it with all that matters in life, good or bad: bodily functions, natural phenomena, ecologic disasters, contagious enthusiasm. […]

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In spite of the huge quantity of recordings that I get to listen to on a monthly basis, this triplet of discs represents my very first encounter with Stanley Schumacher’s output. A technically advanced trombonist also utilizing the voice (who actually began with the euphonium), Schumacher has covered several roles in his career, which comprises […]

Two On Nonvisualobjects

HERIBERT FRIEDL – Recherche_00 An analogue synthesizer (Yamaha CS-40M) and field recordings are the lone origins for this new outing by Heribert Friedl, who in Recherche_00 continues to intensify his interest in exploiting the inherent qualities of a single instrument, as he did with the cimbalom (or “hackbrett”) in Trac[k]_T (also on Nonvisualobjects). The composer […]

Pavel Borodin – Speak Easy: The Loft Concert (DVD)

Panrec Cologne’s Loft has become a hunting reserve for Pavel Borodin’s shooting of improvising artists (pun intended). After last year’s excellent documentary on Elliott Sharp, The Velocity Of Hue (for which, reports the director, no willing label was found for distribution – a shame, given the quality of that particular work), we’re now able to […]

Keith Rowe – erstwords + ErstLive007

Erstwhile In the occasion of the “AMPLIFY: Light” festival, held in Tokyo in September 2008, Keith Rowe decided, 24 hours prior to his gig, to go fully introspective with the music he’d play, with particular regard to artistic influences and, especially, sounds that have influenced him. Without a doubt, the people who attended the concert […]

Philip Samartzis / Michael Vorfeld – Scheckenrock

NVO In a joint artistic venture, the combination of singular approaches and attitudes towards the conception of compelling sounds is a potentially lethal weapon, especially when the human constituents tread entirely different paths to achieve the desired consequence. The products resulting from this sort of collaboration frequently resemble an excessively varicolored pot-pourri in which — […]

Julien Skrobek – Double-Entendre

Taumaturgia Julien Skrobek’s work is not destined to generate chasms in the rock of EAI, yet the French experimenter keeps maintaining a reasonably steady release schedule, alternating records that leave practically no trace in the memory to comparatively intriguing episodes where a superior degree of commitment and, consequently, deeper layers of implication are noticeable. Double-Entendre […]

Uncle Woody Sullender – Live At Barkenhoff

Künstlerhäuser Worpswede / Dead CEO Brooklyn-based Woody Sullender is a truly unique specimen of improviser, in that he chose a traditional American sonic tool – the banjo – to “play with and against the cultural baggage of the instrument” and, in simpler prose, discover new improvisational approaches. After receiving technical assistance from the renowned STEIM, […]

Jürg and Marianne Rufer – Les Diaboliques: Jubilee Concert DVD

Intakt The trio of Irène Schweizer, Maggie Nicols and Joëlle Léandre – Les Diaboliques – represents a primary factor in the history of Intakt, since they were all present in the label’s very first record (Live At Taktlos) before going on to become one of the most lively expressions in the macrocosm of present-day improvisation. […]

“Blue” Gene Tyranny – The Somewhere Songs / The Invention Of Memory

Mutable A renowned partner in crime of Robert Ashley, Laurie Anderson, Iggy Pop, Carla Bley and then some, “Blue” Gene Tyranny is rarely highlighted as a composer. Perhaps this is due to the deceptively simple façade of a good portion of his music, which hides finesse and attention to detail behind a veil of apparent […]

John Butcher – Resonant Spaces

Confront In the summer of 2006, Arika invited John Butcher – together with Japanese artist Akio Suzuki – to perform in the Resonant Spaces event, an itinerary across several remote regions of Scotland featuring locations which, according to the organizers, would put the artists in the condition of being “informed by the acoustic space they […]

Charles Evans – The King Of All Instruments

Hot Cup A pupil of Bill Zaccagni, David Liebman and Antonio Hart, and currently well known as the companion of adventures of (unrelated) trumpeter Peter Evans and bassist Moppa Eliott in the “microtonal bebop” gang The Language Of, Charles Evans’ artistic mission is focused upon the achievement of near-perfection on the baritone saxophone, which the […]

Milo Fine – Ananke

Emanem This CD features two different sets by self-taught multi-instrumentalist Milo Fine – a solo performance and a trio with saxophonist Jaron Childs and drummer Davu Seru, respectively recorded in 2006 and 2007 at the Acadia Cabaret Theatre of Minneapolis. Throughout both, Fine exclusively played a semi-wrecked, detuned piano (previously donated to Acadia by a […]

Torben Snekkestad – Conic Folded

ILK Inspired by Jimmy Giuffre’s trio with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow, Norwegian Torben Snekkestad – here featured on saxophones and clarinet – releases his first solo CD after having honed his skills in various positions, either relative to jazz or chamber music: he can play with the London Improvisers Orchestra and The Athelas Sinfonietta […]

Farewell Lars Hollmer

On December 25, Lars Hollmer left this life’s building after losing a one-year battle with cancer. Say goodbye to one of the true greats, not only for what he did with Samla Mammas Manna and Von Zamla but especially for the records released at his own name. This is not the right place for explaining […]

Stephen Scott – Vikings Of The Sunrise (New Albion)

Corvallis, Oregon’s Stephen Scott is one of those composers who, by self-carving a niche through the exploitation of a singular means of expression, has both gained my unconditioned admiration and confined his artistic persona quite far from a deserved mass recognition. On the other hand, those in the know are already acquainted with Scott’s amazing work […]

Andrew Liles and Daniel Menche – The Progeny Of Flies

Beta-lactam Ring When two creative personalities like Andrew Liles and Daniel Menche join forces, fans are entitled to great expectations, no questions asked. This writer, hardly au fait with the activities of the overwhelmingly prolific Englishman but for a handful of releases and, on the whole, suspicious of certain overly enthusiastic reactions in front of […]

Miya Masaoka – While I was walking, I heard a sound… (Solitary B)

Sound artist and performer Miya Masaoka’s installations are much renowned, a couple of them even featuring insects walking on her naked body. Apart from this extravagant cross of entomological curiosity and physical art, she writes music that puzzles and fascinates at once, ranging from orchestral improvisation to reinterpretations of Thelonious Monk’s tunes with Andrew Cyrille and Reggie […]

Fhievel / Luca Sigurtà – The Wheel

Creative Sources This album comprises the fundamental elements of an exhibition named “La fabbrica e la sua voce” (The factory and its voice) held in 2007 in Pray, where the only Italian specimen of industrial unit alimented by a non-electric transmission of power is carefully preserved by the local authorities. Luca Bergero/Fhievel and Luca Sigurtà […]